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R62-sec.jpg R4s-aufsicht.jpg

  • Production era - 1983-1988
  • Code numbers - 10045 (1st Version) - 10046 (2nd Version) - 10047 (Mod.P)
  • 1st version - "The Leica R4-S is derived from the R4 and is intended for those photographers who do not require the comprehensive metering modes of the R4.
It has aperture priority and manual modes only (P and T modes deleted) but it remains both integrated and spot metering." -jcb
  • 2nd version - "At the end of 1985 an improved model was introduced the Leica R4-S MOD 2, or R4-S MOD P in the USA. MOD2 does not appear on the front of the camera but 'Leica R4-S MOD 2' is engraved on the flanges of the accessory shoe.
Two additional features are the ability to switch from spot to full field average metering by pressing the program selector when on the "Manual" setting and the shutter speed is now shown in the viewfinder.
Further operational improvements are the enlargement of the rewind knob and improved eye-piece fitting for attaching a rubber eye cup R correction lens; a slideswitch instead of a push button for exposure compensation or override, and the lever wind is now completely enclosed in plastic." -jcb

R4S Serial Numbers

SN Start SN End Product Year Batch
1632551 1636550 Leica R4s 25 Jul 1983* 4000
1637551 1642550 Leica R4s 1983 5000
1643751 1648750 Leica R4s 1984 5000
1652251 1657250 Leica R4s (Mod.P) 1984-85 5000
1682951 1687950 Leica R4s-2 1985-86 5000
1692951 1694950 Leica R4s (Mod.2) 1986 2000
Total assigned serial numbers 1983-1988 26,000**

. * Serial numbers and batch total from Gandy's List
** Serial numbers from Serial Numbers Leica Cameras with computed batch total.
Unmarked SN's match between both lists and Gandy's batch total was used without recalculation.
Schwz - Black anodized aluminum / Hell - Clear anodized aluminum