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R9-dwg.jpg R9-bl-oben.jpg

R9 with 50mm f/1.4 Summilux-R II lens
  • Code numbers - 10 090-anthracite - 10 091-black - 10 093
  • Production era 2002-2009
  • Accessories - DMR - R8/R9 Winder - R8/R9 Drive - 14395 focusing screen with grid for DMR
  • Compared to R8
    • 100 g lighter due to the use of magnesium
    • HSS flash
    • 1/10 step EV correction rather than 1/3
    • Dedicated on/off button
    • External frame counter on top of camera
    • "The silver top-plate color available on the R8 was replaced by an 'Anthracite' color on the R9; black remained available. Another external change was the addition of an LCD frame counter on the top plate between the wind lever and the shutter-speed dial. The mode selector dial gained a lock, after many R8 user complaints that it was too easily moved from the desired setting when handling the camera. The rear LCD display gained a backlight so it could be viewed in dim lighting.
    • "The mass of the R9 was reduced by 100g (to 790g) from the R8, achieved by switching to a magnesium casting for the top plate (formerly zinc alloy) and substituting aluminum for steel at the bottom plate's frame.
    • "Electronic changes included the ability to tune the sensitivity of matrix metering in steps of 0.1 EV independently of the other metering modes, and several improvements to the flash support. Metz's HSS (High Speed Sync) flash mode was now supported, allowing fill flash at shutter speeds greater than the X-sync speed by the use of many repeated small flashes of the electronic flashgun. This mode could be used from 1/360 to the camera's shortest 1/8000 of a second shutter speed. Also improved was the use of fill-flash at slower shutter speeds and wider apertures, by enabling lower-power illumination modes on modern Metz equipment. The manual flash exposure compensation ability in Program mode was improved, and AE lock was now possible in all automated modes." -jcb


R9 Serial Numbers (2002-2003)

Serial numbers compiled from Puts Pocket Pod
stolen camera, please report if found on sale
SN Start SN End Product Year Batch
2855051 2855100 Leica R9 2002 50
2881101 2882100 Leica R9 (anthracite) 2002 1000
2882101 2884100 Leica R9 (black+anthracite) 2002 2000
2924101 2929100 Leica R9 (black+anthracite) 2003 5000
Initial assigned serial numbers 8050