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  • Production era - 1939-1963
  • Code names - VIOOH with accessory TUVOO
  • Type - Universal viewfinder for the focal lengths 3.5-13.5 cm with parallax adjusting lever at back of foot.
  • Variants - Later models have nose thread for TUVOO with round, straight and lyre-shaped body versions; some have black nose and 2 have 'W.haven' (Willemshaven) with eagle (marine) insignia on side of lyre - see Fontenelle archive below.
    • Cine version - For 1.5-15 cm lenses.
    • Gray wartime version - Engraved W.H. used back-to-front with a special eye-piece.
    • IMFIN or Imarect 1940 NY version with beaded side casing and large back plate.
  • Accessories - TUVOO (VIOAD in NY catalog) for 2.8 cm lenses. Early VIOOH version lacks the threaded nose required to attach TUVOO.
  • Evolution - VIOOH was preceded by VIDOM.
  • Serial nos. - -10568-11873- -89383-
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