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  • Production era - 1934-c.1960s
  • Type - Focusing stage for use with screwmount, later M-mount, cameras and accessories. "For the universal reproduction apparatus GROOW [see Laney pg. 75] . . . but used separately for other applications."
  • Development - "Original model had only one lens mount but by 1937 two different focal length lenses could be mounted together. Lenses could be focused to any distance including infinity when in appropriate mounts [ ZWTOO, ZWTOO-HESUM, COOED, COOTL, COOHS, MOORB, MOODH, MOOGW, BOOXZ, COOAB, + specialized bellows, photomicrography and macro mounts]. Supplied complete with focusing screen but without magnifier [LOOCG (shown), LOOFV, LOOGI, LOOHW and comparable M-mount LGCOO, LFVOO, LKIOO & LWHOO]. Screen with graduated clear centre strip or clear centre spot."
  • Accessories - COOED, ZWTOO
  • Reference - Pages 54, 58, 68 & 74 of Dennis Laney's Leica 1984 Accessory Guide courtesy of Mike Butkus.