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  • Production era - 1935-1951
  • Code names
    • PLOOT - Single unit, 5 x mirror reflex housing, with swing-in 30 x magnifier and rotating eyepiece (1935-1939)
  • Evolution - after 1940 component parts were used to make two versions of Ploot:
    • PROON - housing only (1940-1951)
    • PLOOT = PROON + POOIM (1940-1951) - each side shown ghosted (camera not shown)
    • ODULO = PROON + PAMOO (1940-1951)
  • Type - Mirror reflex housing with 62.5 mm optical depth for screw mount
  • Operation - "The lens screwed into the cube-shaped body of the reflex housing which in turn screwed into the camera. . .The image was viewed through a 5 x magnifier and for critical focusing a built-in 30 x magnifier could be swung in by the projecting lever. The 5 x magnifier had to be removed if the 30 x one was in use, but its socket, which was not removable in early models, served as a light shield. The ground glass screen [vertical eyepiece] had to be used upright, but vertical pictures could be taken by loosening a locking lever at the side and rotating the camera. . ." - Laney
  • Variants - Black body with nickel (rare) or chrome trim. Post 1940 versions had an accessory shoe and the mirror-release button could be locked down. Viewing screens were lenticular or flat. A micro version was introduced in 1950.
  • Included cable release
    • POORQ - Double cable release with three control stops
  • Available Ploot eyepiece /magnifiers
    • PAMOO - 90 degree 5 x eyepiece with reverse image
    • POOIM - Vertical 5 x eyepiece w/ swing-in 30 x magnifier
  • Other Visoflex Accessories
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Serial numbers

SN Start SN End Product Year Batch
1001 ~7270 Ploot 1935-1951 ~6270
Superseded by Visoflex I