Leica 0 (2004)

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  • Description - "The Leica special edition Oskar Barnack 1879-2004 Jubilee Edition Set marks the 125th birthday of Oskar Barnack (1879-1936), the designer of the first 35mm Leica camera. In homage to the inventor of the 35mm system, the set comprises the true-to-detail new edition of a historic camera type, the Leica 0 series 'Prototype 2', which Oskar Barnack developed as a second camera after the 'Ur Leica' and tested in practice. The Leica 0 series 'Prototype 2' is in full working order and demands intensive study of all photographic parameters and concentration on each step of exposure. Barnack himself used this small masterpiece of craftmanship to make outstanding photographs that still set photo-aesthetic standards today." - Leica Camera AG
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Leica 0 (2004) Serial Numbers

Serial numbers compiled from Puts Pocket Pod
SN Start SN End Product Year Batch
3002001 3003000 Gebutrstag Oskar barnack, 0serie2 2004 1000