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  • Production era - 1937 only
  • Code names
  • Known as - Leica Gun or, in German, "Wetzlar Gewehr"
  • Limited production - "The “Rifle” was inspired by Commander Attilio Gatti, the well-known photographer of animals in Africa, and was developed between 1935 and 1937 by E. Leitz, Inc. New York, before being introduced to the public in July 1938. . .Various authors differ in their estimates about the actual numbers of “Rifles” produced: while P. H. Hasbroeck assumes that only six units were produced, J. L. Lager concludes that a dozen were made overall. We consider a number of 10-12 “Rifles”, spread out today over collections worldwide, to be appropriate and realistic." [BAW] mailto:auction@westlicht.com
  • Accessories - shown with 200-400 viewfinder, Viso-housing and dual cable shutter release
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