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  • Camera - Leica M-A (type 127)
Order nos. - 10370-black, 10371-chrom, 10794-100yr set (SS/M Monochrom + M-A 127 + 3 lenses Anniversary Edition of 101)
Type - compact, 35 mm rangefinder system camera with a mechanically controlled shutter
Production era - Oct 2014-
  • Lens mount - Leica M-Bayonet
Lens system - Leica M-Lenses, 16 – 135 mm
  • Exposure control - Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture with values from an external exposure meter or by estimation
Flash exposure control
Flash connection - Hot shoe – accessory shoe with center contact
Synchronization - On first shutter curtain
Flash exposure control - Computer control by the flash unit or guide number calculation and manual setting of the required aperture value
  • Viewfinder
Viewfinder principle - Large, bright, combined bright-line viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation
Eyepiece - Adjusted to –0.5 diopters; correction lenses available for –3 to +3 diopters
Image field framing - By projection of pairs of bright-line frames for 28 and 90 mm, 35 and 135 mm, 50 and 75 mm lenses; automatic display of corresponding frames when lenses are locked into the bayonet mount
Frame selector - Lever enabling alternative frame pairs to be displayed in the viewfinder without changing lenses (e.g. for framing comparisons)
Parallax compensation - The horizontal and vertical differences between the viewfinder and lens axes are automatically compensated for in relation to the focusing distance
Concordance of viewfinder and film image - The bright-line frame size corresponds to an image size of approx. 23 × 35 mm at the minimum focusing distance for all focal lengths; focused at infinity, and depending on the focal length, approx. 9% (28 mm) to 23% (135 mm) more will be captured on the film than is shown in the corresponding brightline frame
Magnification - 0.72 × (for all lenses)
Long-base rangefinder - Coincident and superimposed image rangefinder, shown as a bright field at the center of the viewfinder image
Effective rangefinder base - 49.9 mm (mechanical rangefinder base 69.25 mm × viewfinder magnification 0.72 ×)
  • Shutter and shutter release
Shutter - Horizontal rubberised-cloth focal plane shutter; extremely low noise; mechanically controlled
Shutter speeds - From 1 s to 1 /1000 s in one-stop increments, B for exposure times of arbitrary length
Shutter release - Standard internal thread for remote-release cables
  • Film loading, advance and rewinding
Loading - Manual loading after removal of the base and opening the rear flap
Film advance - Manually, with rapid wind lever or Leicavit M; motorised, with Leica Motor-M, Leica Winder-M, Leica Winder M4-P or Leica Winder M4-2 (from article number 10 350)
Rewinding - Manual, pull-out rewind knob after disconnecting the advance mechanism with the R-lever on the front of the camera
Frame counter - On camera top plate; automatically reset when camera baseplate removed
  • Camera body
Material - One-piece full-metal body with rear flap; top deck and baseplate in brass with black or silver chrome finish and leather jacket
Tripod bush - Thread A 1 /4, DIN 4503 (1 /4")
Rear flap /features - Reminder dial for film sensitivity
Dimensions (length × depth × height) - Approx. 138 × 38 × 77 mm
Weight - Approx. 578 g
  • Package includes - Body cap, carrying strap and roll of Tri-X 400400tx.jpg
Manufacturer's technical data as of September 2014


Leica M-A 127 Serial Numbers

Serial numbers compiled from known M-A 127 cameras
SN Start SN End Product Year Total
-4915590 4915673- Leica M-A 127 (silver) 2014 unknown