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Mini.jpg Mini-top.jpg

Production era - 1991-1993

Order nos. - 18004, 18005-DB, 18015-DB.olympia.92 set

Type - Compact film point-and-shoot view-finder camera.

Special edition - 1992 Barcelona Olympia Set 12015 with top inscription "5-ring logo | OLYMPIA | 1992"

Lens - LEICA ELMAR 35 mm f/3.5 – 7.6 (4 elements in 3 groups). UVa protection filter built onto front lens element.

Focus range - From 65 cm (26 in.) to infinity. Separate infinity focus lock.

Autofocus system - Active infrared autofocus.

Exposure control - Automatic program mode, center-weighted integral metering with automatic flash activation.

Memory - Focus is locked and metered value saved with light pressure on shutter release button.

Exposure override +2Ev, can be activated manually.

Metering range 8 cd/m2 > 123,000 cd/m2. At ISO 100 Ev6 (1/5 s and f/3.5) > Ev16 (1/250 s and f/14) Autoflash with exposure > Ev10.

Shutter speed range - 1/5 s > 1/250 s and "B" setting up to 5 seconds.

Film speed setting - Film speed automatically set for DX-coded films from ISO 50 to ISO 1000. With film without DX-coding the camera is automatically set to ISO 100.

Automatic flash - In poor lighting conditions the flash is activated automatically. Manual ON/OFF capability at any time.

Viewfinder - Telescopic (Galilei) with autofocus measuring field and markings for close range. Enlargement 0.45x, equivalent to 85% of the film format.

LEDs - Confirmation and flash mode indicated in viewfinder by green light diode LED.

Film transport - Automatic film threading and advance to first frame. Automatic rewind after last exposure. Midroll rewind possible.

Data panel - Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) indicates symbols for battery status, frame count, flash activation, and infinity focus lock.

Self-timer 10 sec. countdown; indicated by diode (LCD) on front of camera. Activated by separate button on camera top.

Power supply - 3V lithium battery (CR 123A).

Camera on/off control - ON/OFF switch on camera top. Lens travels to ready/trasport position. Camera automatically shuts off electronics after approx. 5 minutes.

Program modes - AUTO Automatic program mode with automatic flash - Manual FLASH-ON - Manual FLASH-OFF - The B is displayed on the LCD data panel if the light is too dim to permit exposure metering. Manual long-time exposure up to 5 sec. is possible. - INFINITY - Focusing distance is fixed at infinity and the modes AUTO, ON and OFF remain activated until the camera is switched off or another mode is selected. Only the separate fixed infinity mode returns to AUTO automatically after exposure. The INFINITY mode can be retained for successive exposures by pressing the MODE button longer.

Body - Black plastic. Side attachment for carrying strap or wrist strap. Tripod thread A1/4 DIN 403 (1/4").

Databack - Available with/without databack. Imprints the day and time, or date on the film. Quartz controled clock and automatic calendar up to year 2019. Intensity controlled automatically according to film speed coding.

Weight - approx. 160 g / 175 g (without / with databack and without batteries).

Dimensions (W x H x D) - 118 x 65 x 38.6 mm / 4.6 x 2.6 x 1.5 in (without databack).

Work range - 0C > 40C (32F > 104F).

Accessories - Camera bag.

Manufacturer - Manufactured in Japan by Kyocera for Leica Camera

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Mini Serial Numbers

Serial numbers from Serial Numbers Leica Cameras with computed batch total.
SN Start SN End Product Year Batch
1800001 1850000 Leica Leica Mini 1991 50,000
Total assigned serial numbers 50,000