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  • Order no. - 18767
  • Production era - 2014-Current
  • Type - Visoflex EVF w/ GPS option for Leica T and X 113
  • Pan /tilt - +90 degrees tilt with no panning function
  • EVF Resolution - 3,700,000 dpi
  • Vision adjustment - diopter -3 to +3
  • Accessories - Protection case 18834-taupe canvas, 18835-brown leather
  • Manufacturer's description
A high-resolution Visoflex electronic viewfinder designed for the Leica T-System, and perfectly matched to Leica T and X 113 cameras.
Its tilt-and-swivel [sic] function lets you photograph easily from all sorts of angles and extends your creative horizons when taking pictures.
A sensor detects the user’s eye. A look through the viewfinder turns off the camera display. As soon as you take it away from your eye, the display comes back to life. Just as practical: an integrated GPS option.


  • MSRP - £BP 400, €EU 500, $US 595 in 2014
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