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  • Production era - 1950-1959
  • Code names - CEYOO
VLOOF-15532 spare, folding reflector
COOUY-15536 spare capacitor
CTOOM-15545 bracket to hold flash unit vertical or at angle with white plastic early versions and later with black painted metal (not shown).
  • Type - Flash unit for cameras with F synchronization starting with Leica IIIf. Accepted E.S. and S.C.C. bulbs
  • Variants
CAVOO 1951-1953 - sim. to CEYOO for non-synchronized Leica cameras
CEYOO-PARAL 1952-1958 - CEYOO with rectifier to allow simultaneous firing of more than one flash unit.
CEYAL-15506 - code name for CEYOO-PARAL after 1959.