Visoflex II

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  • Production era - 1959-1962
  • Code names
    • OTYDO 16457 - Viso II (housing only, for screw-thread)
    • OUCLO 16458 - Viso II with 4 x 90 degree magnifier OTXBO (rig w/o camera shown ghosted)
    • OTDYM 16455 - Bayonet version
    • OCLOM 16456 - Bayonet version with OTXBO
    • Viso IIa 98303 - Version with "automatic mirror reset or mirror locked up when pressure on the release was relaxed. The mirror reset lever was replaced with a knurled knob engraved with a black and red dot to show selected mirror setting" (image below, shown highlighted) NY item 1962, could be retrofit - Laney


Preceded by Visoflex I - Superseded by Visoflex III