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Leica R-Adapter M

  • Production era - 2012- (Made in Portugal)
  • Code no. - 14 624
  • Manufacturer's discription - . . . Leica R-Adapter M enables almost all Leica R-Lenses ever built to be mounted on the new Leica M. Users can access a list of 20 dedicated profiles - including calibrated imaging workflows and EXIF lens recognition - for a range of R-Lenses covering wide-angle, standard, telephoto, zoom and macro lenses. This comprehensive portfolio of lenses opens up new potential for Leica M photographers, for example, video recording with Leica R zoom lenses.
Jesko v. Oeynhausen at Photokina 2012 - "There are no electronic parts in the adapter. It’s a purely mechanical device. It has a 6 bit code which lets the camera recognize that the R adapter is mounted. The camera’s menu then offers a selection of about twenty R lenses. Those have been tested and calibrated to ensure perfect quality of the image. This does not mean that other R lenses will yield poor results. We covered the whole range of focal lengths. You will get good results by simply selecting a similar lens. Depending on the market’s acceptance we might add some more lenses to the menu."
  • Accessories
    • Long-lens Tripod Foot - included
    • 18753 - Electronic Viso-Flex viewfinder EVF2 (shown ghosted)
    • 14495 - Multi-functional Handgrip M (shown ghosted) with SCA Adapter Set and Power Adapter
    • 14496 - Handgrip-M with finger loop (shown ghosted, below)

21 Dedicated R-Lenses